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Welcome to the resource library. Here you'll find a collection of some of the most useful resources on various aspects of resilience. The reports can be read on-screen by clicking 'Expand' in the viewer windows. If you would like to download a resource then click the 'Expand' button on the viewer and then right-click on the document and click 'Read on Issuu'. Alternatively, all documents can be downloaded from our Issuu library by clicking here.

Resource: 1 Catalysing urban resilience: Applying resilience concepts to planning practice in the ACCCRN Program (20092011)
Edited by: Marcus Moench, Stephen Tyler, and Jessica Lage

The report, produced by the Institute for Social and Environmental Transition (ISET), introduces pioneering new practices to address climate change and urbanization, two critical trends that will have a major influence on the daily lives of most of the planet’s population this century. The report concludes that the future for urban residents depends largely on whether municipal governments and local organizations can anticipate the risks and act accordingly to reduce them. The report also provides a set of tools for building resilience in cities around the world, and documents the strategies developed in 10 cities under the Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network to guide investment to meet the diverse needs of residents and the urban economy, even under unforeseen climate conditions and impacts.

Resource: 2 The Enabling City: Place-based problem solving and the power of the every day
by Chiara Campoeschi

The Enabling City is a new way of thinking about communities and change. Guided by principles such as collaboration, innovation and participation, the pioneering initiatives featured in The Enabling City attest to the power of community in stimulating the kind of innovative thinking needed to tackle complex issues ranging from participatory citizenship to urban livability.

Resource: 3 Resilient Nation
by Charlie Edwards

We need to rethink the concept of resilience in a way that resists the temptation to think only in terms of the ability of an individual or society to ‘bounce back’ but suggests a greater focus on learning and adaptation. In a new definition of this concept, responsibility for resilience must rest on individuals not only on institutions. Resilient Nation raises some profound challenges and issues around the role of individuals and communities in the UK, and the relationship between the state and citizens. This pamphlet is about how we can build and sustain community resilience with support from central and local government, relevant agencies, the emergency services and voluntary organisations.

Resource: 4 The Great Transition
by The New Economics Foundation

In this report the NEF has sketched out how, in the light of the considerable challenges that we face as a country and as a world, things could ‘turn out right’ by 2050. They have focused particularly on the UK, but many of the solutions we outline apply globally. They have called the process by which this could happen the Great Transition as a deliberate echo of The Great Transformation, written by Karl Polanyi in the 1940s. While in a relatively short report such as this we could not hope to achieve anything remotely comparable to Polanyi’s great work, the scale of the change we need to see is at least the equal of the changes he described.

Resource: 5 Exploring Community Resilience in Times of Rapid Change
by Nick Wilding, The Carnegie UK Trust

This new publication from Fiery Spirits CoP gathers a mix of experience and academic insight into how local communities are learning how to cope – and even thrive - through difficult times.

Written in an accessible style its stories highlight experience from Cumbria to the Scottish Highlands, and from New Orleans to Tooting, London. Web links direct readers to topical references, and a practical guide shows how to run a community workshop on the topic.

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